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2023-06-29 10:57

A world first door system

Inventions have always been part of Moralt AG's business concept. The medium-sized company based in Hausham, Bavaria, is a specialist in door blanks and door systems for functional wooden doors. Moralt is well established and internationally successful in this segment. Basically, it's always about the technical functions of doors, such as fire, smoke, sound and heat protection or burglary resistance. A world first is a door blank with 120 minutes of fire resistance and very strong sound insulation of 44 decibels.

Licensed companies produce high-quality interior door elements or exterior door elements from Moralt door blanks using individual designs and with the help of system certificates. The constant search for new sales markets determines the work of innovation-promoting top management. Fire protection doors and soundproof doors according to American standards were recently developed as part of a funded ZIM project (Central Innovation Program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection). In addition to European and British markets, the focus is now also on Canada, the USA and the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, Moralt AG supports a domestic sales partner in implementing the Saudi government's Vision 2030.

Scientific knowledge promotes innovation
The medium-sized company recognized early on that environmental problems arise primarily from CO2 emissions. Today, the 40-person workforce works on the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions, compensates for these with climate protection certificates and supports the Alliance for Development and Climate. In order to promote a positive innovation climate, the Executive Board and Supervisory Board issue shares to employees. This promotes personal identification and strengthens motivation. Every employee has the freedom to pursue new ideas. This means that new products are constantly emerging on the market, which are also reflected in five patents. “Innovation within increasingly rapidly changing markets is a very important factor for us,” emphasizes CEO Klaus Feile. The long-standing network with cooperation partners facilitates new developments.

Quality that sets standards worldwide
A short response time is important: current developments are discussed daily. Suggestions from the workforce are implemented promptly. This is how Moralt AG became the global industry leader in its niche. This means that Moralt is able to fulfill very high door functions in combination and guarantee a long life for the doors - even under difficult climatic conditions. More and more architects and door manufacturers worldwide appreciate this.

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