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Extremely fast and very precise

Being a pioneer in an industry is one thing. Achieving this in a technically and economically sensible way is another. According to Klaus Feile, CEO of Moralt AG, the purchase of a new 5-axis CNC machine from Reichenbacher was logically an investment in the future. His goal: The traditional company should continue to play a leading role as a manufacturer of door pre-products and provider of system solutions for functional interior and exterior doors.

Since its founding in 1900, Moralt AG, idyllically located in Hausham near Lake Tegernsee, has repeatedly attracted attention through its extraordinary design and technical applications

made. While the invention of the strip plate and the front door blank were once among the pioneering achievements, today there are front door blanks with CE system solutions and functional door systems with fire, smoke, sound insulation and burglary resistance.

The business model is quickly explained: The company with 40 employees specializes in the production of door blanks with application systems including CE marking and a ten-year guarantee against delay. In order to implement all international standards and certifications directly in the kit consisting of the door leaf, door frame and accessories, a great deal of specialist knowledge is required. This is a high hurdle for many craftsmen. Moralt steps into the breach as a partner by producing individual door kits at a high technical level for carpenters, door specialist companies and retailers. Decades of experience, based on countless test series and functional tests, flow directly into product development and are the foundation of the CE marking. This allows a craftsman to concentrate on his core business and fulfill the increasingly complex wishes of architects and property developers.

The production of these kits involves the highest processing demands, regardless of whether it is about concealed hinges, three-dimensional hinge systems, special dimensions, multiple locks, facing panels or cross-veneered door leaves with frames and edges. In order to implement everything efficiently and in high-end quality, it was clear to the decision-makers at Moralt that they had to become faster and more precise. This made the use of the latest CNC technology unavoidable.

When Reichenbacher was approached in 2021, area sales manager Florian Mauch remembers, the specifications also specified a target processing time, among other things. To anticipate the result: The sample door from the top segment, previously manufactured in over 45 minutes, is completely processed by the high-performance "Vision-Al-T" system in just 17 minutes. This means that the specification was far exceeded. A standard blank with four light cutouts, complete rebate geometry, sealing grooves, triple sealing and hinge pockets are processed in one clamping time in 12 to 14 minutes. Complex blanks with many functions including surface milling, milled glazing beads or special cable channels or stainless steel applications can sometimes take 30 minutes. However, the results are in every respect a quantum leap for the Moralt company.

This precise landing results largely from the design of the machine, because the high demands on accuracy and performance are only possible thanks to the exceptionally solid portal construction. For passive doors with a thickness of 98 mm, where a double rebate made of oak plus sealing grooves and lock pockets have to be milled out, an enormous amount of material is machined at high feed rates. Due to the stability of the system, there are no noticeable vibrations that would ultimately be visible on the surfaces and require further processing.

Although there was an extensive catalog of requirements, Florian Mauch drew attention to other important points: Numerous fold formatting work, complex work steps for locking mechanisms, different door types and thicknesses, small and large light cutouts - different tools are required for all of these processing processes.

It makes sense why the tool magazine has 61 spaces. The "VisionIII-T" 5-axis machine with an automatic carrier table is used for processing door blanks and door frames. Since doors are becoming increasingly larger due to design requirements, this system can process blanks with maximum dimensions of 6,940 x 2,170 mm and weights up to 250 kg can be processed. Mainly, however, the table dimensions of 7,000 x 2,080 mm enable alternating processing and thus work without downtime.

Pneumatic clamps, stops and support rails are attached to the table support. An infrared 3D measuring probe, which is used to vertically measure part positions in the X/Y plane, and a stylus bell guarantee precise surface milling. "Despite the large installation space, the machine has a compact installation size," emphasizes Florian Mauch and adds: "This system has completely arrived in the digital world, as the machining center has an OPC-UA interface."

The system is currently running in 1-shift operation. However, Klaus Feile is sure that the capacity utilization will lead to a second shift in the distant future: “We work just-in-time. And our customers get everything they want: door blanks or complete door kits in batch size 1, made of spruce, larch, pine, oak, veneered lengthwise or crosswise, with or without functions. We even deliver in the order that the craftsman specifies for his work process."

80 percent of the door blanks are currently delivered to specialist wood retailers. Around 20 percent of these are completely processed - the proportion is continuously increasing. Even specialized exterior door manufacturers rely on Moralt as a partner and licensor, because the company's innovative system solutions open up time-saving and efficient ways for carpenters and door construction companies to create new value.


Source: HK 3/2023

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