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The wood-based material manufacturer Moralt from Hausham near Miesbach awards shares to its employees as part of an employee participation program.

“The employees should participate in the economic development of the company and thus take on more responsibility,” explains board member Klaus Feile, who still holds 80 percent of the shares. Acting as if it were your own company is the motto of the new ownership culture.

Over the next few years, 15 percent of the company's own shares will be continuously awarded to employees. This is a “real” share award with transfer of ownership, voting rights and property rights. The shares are awarded at a preferential price, which means low acquisition costs for employee shareholders and, if the company continues to be successful, comparatively high returns. The first offer date for the allocation of shares took place on July 25th.

In the last 6 years, since focusing on door systems, the traditional Tölz-based company has generated an average annual return on equity in the double-digit percentage range. The equity ratio is currently over 60 percent. The company has invested almost 2 million euros in corporate development since 2013. A large part of the investment benefited the optimization of production. Over 70 percent of sales are now generated outside of Germany.


Source: dds online

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