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16 shareholders currently hold shares in Moralt AG. Main shareholder and CEO, Klaus Feile, was able to present positive content for the 2023 financial year at the Annual General Meeting of Moralt AG on 21 June 2024.  
Since 2019, employees of Moralt AG have been able to acquire shares at a preferential price. Through the associated ownership, voting and asset rights, Moralt AG is increasingly involving its employees in the company's development. Moralt is currently in the hands of a total of 16 shareholders, with the Executive Board member Klaus Feile continuing to hold 80% of the shares. Additional share packages will now be offered to each entitled shareholder until the end of July as part of the current employee share ownership programme.

"Moralt has performed successfully despite the difficult market conditions!" There was consensus on this conclusion at the Annual General Meeting of Moralt AG. In addition to the shareholders and the Management Board, the Supervisory Board was also represented. After the opening of the Annual General Meeting, Klaus Feile was appointed chairman of the meeting. He gave an insight into the business development and strategic direction of the long-established company, which has had an impressive success story with many international reference projects since focussing on the door business in 2013. Moralt AG's export ratio was 65% in 2023. One of the most prestigious projects in 2023 was the Montreal City Hall in Quebec, Canada.

Moralt AG has reported a clearly positive result. The equity ratio is now a remarkable 67%. The increase in value of the Moralt share amounts to 4.1 %. Tax consultant, Mrs Gabriele Witte, explained the approved annual financial statements, the most important business figures and the positive development of recent years. Moralt AG enjoys a very good credit rating and looks positively to the future despite all the challenges. Following the discharge of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, it was unanimously decided to carry forward the balance sheet profit to new account. The Executive Board encouraged the shareholders to make further purchases of shares as a sound investment. An appropriate culinary finale with a tour of the company took place on the premises of the Dinzler coffee roasting plant in Irschenberg in a relaxed atmosphere.

With door blanks and licence systems for interior and exterior doors with function, Moralt AG offers solutions for individual door elements with thermal insulation, burglar resistance, sound, fire and smoke protection and much more, and holds certificates and approvals in several European countries. Moralt also offers international expertise in accordance with British and American standards. Since 2016, production has been carried out at the Hausham site with currently 42 employees and intensive work is being done to continue the success story through growth and modernisation of the company.

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