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Old Carntyne Church with MORALT door kits

The building contractor Stewart & Shields won the tender and commissioned John Gilbert Architects to redesign the property to meet passive house standards. At that time, the Old Carntyne Church was a derelict, listed building on Shettleston Road in Glasgow owned by the local Housing Association. The old church of Carntyne in Glasgow/Scotland has been given new life and, including its new extension, is now 19 luxurious passive houses condominiums, designed as an architecturally exceptional senior residence with assisted living. When implementing the apartment entrance doors, the choice fell on Moralt Ferro fire protection kits with passive house certificate.

As a basis for the apartment entrance doors, which were manufactured by Stewart & Shields were manufactured, “Moralt Ferro FireSafe Passive” door kits were used, which had all the necessary certificates. These door kits were completely individually CNC machined by Moralt and equipped with seals, threshold connection and all fittings - a legally compliant door kit as a complete package according to British regulations. This made it easy for the door manufacturer to meet the requirements with the desired surface treatment and assembly.

Door blanks and application systems for interior and exterior doors with functionality are the core business of Moralt AG. With the Moralt license systems, door construction companies can produce individual door solutions with thermal insulation, burglary resistance, sound, fire, smoke protection and much more in-house. Moralt holds approvals and certifications in several countries according to European and British standards.


Source: climate-friendly building 2022

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