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2023-10-11 10:51

Diversity is the program

By investing in modern 5-axis CNC technology, Moralt AG has not only noticeably increased its flexibility and performance. At the same time, the manufacturer of door blanks has opened a new chapter in terms of individuality and data consistency.


Moralt is a manufacturer of door pre-products and a provider of system solutions for functional doors indoors and outdoors. With a total of 41 employees, the company based in Hausham, Bavaria, produces 35,000 to 40,000 door blanks every year. The export share is around two thirds, with the most important foreign market being the United Kingdom, followed by Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland.


The company's spectrum is very broad. It includes front door blanks with CE marking as well as functional door systems with fire, sound and smoke protection as well as burglary resistance RC 2 and RC 3 including all certificates. Sales to carpenters and carpenters are carried out through specialist retailers. These can be panel blanks, finished door leaves and, increasingly, complete door kits.


In addition to first-class product quality, board member Klaus Feile and his team rely on comprehensive service. This includes personal advice, free training, a comprehensive system manual, online services and system partnerships via the CE mark for carpenters and door manufacturers, including fire and/or sound insulation. The boss of the owner-managed company sums it up like this: “We ensure that our processors have a high level of door expertise.” Christian Stöhr from technical sales adds: “We are always there to help our partners from the carpentry trade with technical or other questions to support."


CNC machining at an attractive fixed price

With the purchase of a high-performance 5-axis CNC machining center, Moralt has recently noticeably expanded its options. At an attractive fixed price, doors and/or entire kits including frames and accessories are completely machined - with almost any design and including all the necessary milled fittings.


The Reichenbacher CNC of the Vision III-T type has an automatic carrier table with vacuum and clamping clamps for processing doors and door frames. The table dimensions of approx. 6940 x 2200 mm enable uninterrupted pendulum operation. Among other things, the highest precision is ensured by: a 3D infrared measuring probe and a touch bell.

For an optimal workflow, Moralt provides carpenters and carpenters with various online configurators:

  • Door leaf configurator for front doors

  • U-value configurator

  • and soon: kit configurator including frame, milled fittings and integrated plausibility check.

Front doors for all requirements
The front door blank portfolio includes the six models Ferro Klassik Plus, Klima, Acoustic, Passive, FireSafe and Alu Comfort.

  • Moralt's bestseller is the Ferro Klassik Plus blank with a thermally separated flat iron stabilizer. It is also ideal for arcade doors.

  • Ferro Klima scores points by saving fossil resources and energy in production. 100% renewable raw materials are used.

  • Ferro Akustik meets the sound insulation requirements according to DIN 4109 in several classes and achieves sound insulation of up to 43 dB.

  • Ferro Passiv for low-energy and passive houses with certificate.

  • Ferro FireSafe for fire-resistant doors outdoors – in the Klima-Soft version with additional high thermal insulation. • Ferro FireSafe Acoustics offers a high level of sound insulation in addition to fire resistance. • Ferro Alu-Comfort with integrated aluminum vapor barriers in both cover layers in combination with a rod insert for high stability. Alu Comfort can also be used universally and is easy to process and achieves very good values in all performance classes according to EN 14351-1.


Interior door blanks in various designs

The portfolio is also large for interior doors: The Laminesse classic door core panel with C3 climate certificate according to EN 1530:2000-6 for interior doors without an aluminum vapor barrier is available with a test certificate from 44 mm thick. It is suitable for apartment entrance doors or for separating rooms with different climate zones. If fire and smoke protection properties are required in combination with sound insulation, the Laminesse FireSmoke or FireSound blanks are used. Single and double-leaf doors with skylights and side panels are available with maximum door leaf dimensions of up to 3500x1300mm.

Source: BM 2023-10

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