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Buy or make yourself?

Front doors with fire protection requirements can also be individually manufactured by carpenters and carpenters.

Moralt AG offers corresponding front door blanks with a license system and all the necessary production and assembly documents. Alternatively, Moralt also offers individually manufactured front door kits that contain all the necessary fittings and assembly parts. Depending on the utilization and calculation situation, the processor can decide on a greater or lesser degree of prefabrication. With Moralt as the system provider, the requirements of the respective state building regulations can be adhered to and the carpenter/carpenter as a manufacturer retains the added value in his own workshop.

Experience has shown that this is significantly more lucrative than simply assembling prefabricated elements from industrial production.

With a fire protection front door kit, Moralt offers security in complex legal and application environments, minimizes the risk and is therefore an efficient way to create new value.

As part of a licensing partnership, the system provider offers the Ferro Firesafe classified according to EI130-C/EI230-C in various variations. Starting with the door dimensions and surface through to sound insulation dB47, burglary resistance RC3 and smoke protection. In addition, various surface millings and light cutouts are available to choose from. The kit is CNC machined and delivered complete with door frame, hinges, lock and all necessary fittings and seals, declaration of performance and CE marking. If any questions arise, the Moralt team will provide technical advice directly and without detours - by phone or on site.

Quality and reliability play a special role at Moralt, because functions such as fire and smoke protection are concerned with protecting human lives, which is why safety is the top priority throughout the entire development and process chain. (sk)

Source: BM Special 2021

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