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Moralt in Hausham/DE is certain that CNC technology has become an integral part of individual door construction. The company offers its customers a custom CNC machining service for its complete front door blank product range. As a consistent extension of the CNC machining service, it is also possible to purchase entire door kits.

In addition to the CNC-machined door leaf, Moralt produces the door frame, optionally with a top light and side panel, matching hinges and including a lock, threshold connection and seal. Assembly, surface treatment, glazing and visible fittings as well as assembly are carried out by the door construction company. If desired, the door kits can be expanded with certain functions, for example with sound insulation up to dB47, smoke protection, passive house certificate or burglary resistance RC2 or RC3. Included are a declaration of performance, CE marking and an identification label.

When it comes to fire protection requirements, Moralt also offers several solutions that the carpenter can choose from: The fire protection front door blank EI130-C/EI230-C with a license system and all the necessary production and assembly documents gives the processor the option of complete production depth in his own workshop. Depending on the utilization and calculation situation, the processor can alternatively resort to an individually manufactured front door kit, which includes all the necessary fittings and assembly parts and can be expanded with smoke protection, sound insulation, passive house certificate and/or burglary resistance.

Users who are interested in the possibilities of CNC machining technology benefit from attractive conditions and short delivery times, argues Moralt.

If any questions arise, technical advice is provided directly and without detours by the Moralt team - by phone or on site.

Source: BF Tischlerspecial 2021

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