Sustainable solutions for robust use

LAMINESSE cladding panels with a cross grain veneer face. Moralt’s LAMINESSE cladding panels with a cross grain veneer face are dimensionally extremely stable, remarkably rigid and do not warp. The cross-veneered variant provides best conditions to be veneered or coated and shows an optimum surface stability.
The extreme surface stability provided through the core of veneer strips with vertically aligned annual rings is the ideal carrier for high-quality veneer or paint coating finishes for exclusive door constructions. No matter if it is the door frame, door padding or door panel – Moralt’s LAMINESSE cladding panels satisfy the utmost demands on quality and legal requirements for functional door manufacturing.
Moralt has successfully passed all necessary tests and compiled specific know-how for you - please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with respective information.

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